We treat each customer with the utmost care
– the true measure of our success and values.

What Our Clients Say

“Heikki is an old-world craftsman offering new world care. In my first visit, he stayed calm in the face of my nervousness. That helped calm me down. The dentures he made (he doesn’t send work out to labs; he makes the dentures himself) looked great. In a very brief time, they also fit great, going in and our easily and with no discomfort. I now sleep with them in on most nights. Close friends have remarked on how good I look now. Others who see me only occasionally say I look younger and ask if I lost weight (I tell them I had a haircut). After decades of bad oral health and trouble eating, I now have a clean mouth and can eat almost anything. Thank you, Heikki!”


“My dentist of 5 years … put in a top denture. From that moment on I was miserable as the new teeth didn’t fit. They cut into my gums and I had sores…I’d been back to the dentist’s office many times and the teeth still didn’t fit… We had friends over for dinner and I was telling them about my horrific experience with dentures when my friend said I should go and see Heikki Pellikka. The whole experience about a visit to Heikki’s office is warm… It is very pleasant to walk in and be greeted in such a nice fashion. Now I have the most perfect fitting teeth. I don’t even know they are in my mouth I also can eat anything I want. I would recommend Heikki to anyone who wants perfect teeth.”

E. Thomson

“I have worn dentures for most of my life. In the past 50 years I had to replace them 10 times. Each time my biggest worry was to have people notice the change. What an embarrassment it is when people notice. With Heikki’s dentures no one did and the comfort of the prosthesis were such that I myself felt as though I had been wearing these forever. In addition, for some reason I felt rejuvenated. They are an excellent fit and very well crafted. Heikki with his pleasant personality has made this process very easy. I highly recommend him to anyone needing dentures.”


“You have a wonderful way of making a client comfortable, and I especially appreciated the fact that you explained in detail each and every step of the process… Once in your chair, I felt completely relaxed… Not even for a moment was I worried about the positive end results of your endeavours – I am now convinced you must be one of the best, if not the best in your profession. I am very happy with my new dentures and the fact that I can properly eat anything I desire and “flash” a proud smile.”

A. Fiala

“Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. I am absolutely delighted that the partial plate fits with such comfort and seems so weightless that I became unaware of it. There is no gum discomfort whatsoever… and no sharp edges scraping my tongue. Thank you again for listening, for your attention to detail, and for making what seemed so hopeless, possible.”

E. Jasechko

“Thank you for the beautiful job you did on my bridge – it looks totally natural. Also for your personal delivery and for all your care and concern.”

N. Ashley

“Now that my dentures have “settled down”, I did want to drop you a line to thank you for your very kind attention and consideration to a nervous patient. I did appreciate your patience with me.”

M. Skeoch