When looking for dentures, most people would seek help from dentists, as they are their primary source of dental care. This is often the result of a lack of awareness about the denturism profession, as it was only recognized in late 1961. In today’s blog, we will  discuss the differences between a dentist and a denturist, so you can make a more informed decision when looking for dentures.

Differences Between a Denturist vs Dentist 

A commonly held belief is that dentists deal with a majority of dental problems and oral conditions. However, there are many other dental health practitioners that perform specific procedures. For example, periodontists treat inflammation and gum disease, orthodontists who fix irregularities on teeth or jaws. Similarly, denturists specialize in creating dentures to restore your smile when you lose your teeth. While the dentist works with a variety of patients to diagnose, prevent and treat oral conditions, the denturist is trained to fabricate dentures to rebuild your aesthetics. Denturists are innovative artists that use their unique and creative skills in order to fabricate dental prostheses. Oftentimes, dentists and denturists work as a team to achieve the most desirable result for the patient. If you are planning to get a new set of dentures, there is no referral needed to see your denturist.

When To Visit a Denturist in Toronto 

When debating between a denturist vs. dentist, realize that you should visit both, even if you have missing or no teeth. When considering getting dentures, go to your dentist to create a treatment plan and ensure that you are in the best oral health. 

Your denturist will then put in the work to fit your dentures to your specifications. By using both a dentist and denturist, you’ll be able to take advantage of both of their knowledge bases. 

This process will increase your confidence that your dentures will benefit your oral health care.  

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